25 Streaming Films With Hot Lesbian Sex Scenes

25 Streaming Films With Hot Lesbian Sex Scenes

Lesbian intercourse: it is a plain thing we’ve, however it’s additionally a thing we view other individuals have actually on a display screen! These formative cinematic experiences have actually assisted make us the homosexual sexual animals our company is today.

We solicited hot lesbian intercourse scene recommendations on twitter (h/t to Andrea longer Chu when it comes to alert boost) and combined that input with my own personal viewpoint, which include the viewpoint that Elena Undone is a poor film and no body needs to have to view it for almost any explanation together with viewpoint that the HBO biopic Gia made me personally homosexual.

Without having any ado that is further with this week’s version of Lesbian Intercourse 101, let’s have a look at a few of the genre’s most promising offerings!

This isn’t a list that is comprehensive and just represents movies offered to stream. We imagine if you’re here beside me now scanning this, you’re most likely not searching for tips about DVDs to mail-order. Simply a hunch!

Kinky Lesbian Intercourse

Bound (1996)

Directed & Authored By: Lana Wachowski & Lilly Wachowski

Lana and Lilly had been fans of sex-positive guru Susie Bright’s Lesbian Sex World, with a cameo so they sent her a package in the early ’90s that contained a draft of Bound, asking if she’d honor them. (Lana and Lilly are siblings and trans females, during the time that this movie had been made, these were nevertheless presenting as male. ) It absolutely wasn’t a request that is unusual the one that specially interested her, but she ended up being impressed because of the studio these were related to and thus sat down seriously to browse the script. 继续阅读25 Streaming Films With Hot Lesbian Sex Scenes